Google One soon to replace Google Drive paid plans

Yesterday, Google announced their new paid cloud storage service called Google One. Its going to replace Google Drive paid plans in the coming months starting with subscribers in the United States before filtering to other countries. Existing paid Google Drive subscribers will be automatically upgraded to Google One.

What’s different about Google One?

Google One is looking to revamp Google Drive as we know it. Some features we’re expecting include:

  • More Space: We’ll be seeing plans with more storage space ranging from 100 GB to 30 TB
  • Access to Google Experts: You get easy access to help from experts on using Google products / services. Google will also be throwing in occasional extra Google Play credits & deals on hotel bookings
  • Shared cloud storage: You’ll be able to share your storage space with up to 5 people, each person getting their own private storage space. This makes it easier to manage payment as its one payment to rule them all.

Why we won’t be trying Google One out

You might have noticed that we’d moved the bulk of our firmware collection from Google Drive down to One problem with Google drive is that once your file gets too many downloads, its gets flagged. Subsequent download attempts would yield a 404 Not Found error whereas the file is still very much available. Don’t even get me started on Dropbox.

While this seems manageable on one or two files, imagine hundreds of files which get tonnes of downloads daily suddenly returning 404 errors. This means you’ll need to painstakingly replace each download link. Like that isn’t enough, you get occasional insults from ignorant people accusing you of ‘wasting their time with your broken links’ .

I don’t think Google One will be any better in this regard so its for us till further notice. Mega isn’t exactly the easiest to download from because you would need to install their app to download on mobile. Downloading from Mega on a desktop browser consumes extra storage space but files are readily available.

If you do try Google One then lets know what you think.