Getting Red State on your Infinix X606 after OTA update? Its not your fault

Everywhere you go, its Infinix Hot 6 X606 Red State. Its raining Red State!

Its only a few days to go before Tecno users realize that they’re not getting back their beloved fonts. Yet another deadline missed.

A few days ago, I was expecting fonts to be the matter that rattles the Transsion boys’ cages…then Infinix Hot 6 Red State came along.

What’s the Red State?

You would normally get a Red State error after making an unauthorized modification to your device’s software e.g Unlocking the Bootloader or flashing an unofficial (unsigned) file or firmware.

Red State
Your device has failed verification and may not work properly
Your device will boot in 5 seconds

Infinix X606 red state bootloop
An Infinix Hot 6 stuck in Red State after an OTA update

The problem here is that the Infinix X606 goes into a Bootloop (keeps restarting) after you download and install the most recent OTA update. The problem is clearly from the update because even those who never modified their OS got affected by this update.

Here are complaints from some affected users at the official Infinix Forum

just updated my infinix and the phone wouldn’t work again. It keeps turning itself on and off.


the past several days o have seen people complain here and on facebook about their hot 6 phones becoming un-usable after the latest update can the thia iaaue be checked on by the software development team ASAP


Infinix you guys are daft
How come u released an update that is bricking device(infinix hot 6 x606D)
A secure boot file hasn’t been released for this device x606D


Where are the moderators ooo….I received a system update notification yesterday, after downloading and installing it, my phone refused to boot up
I keep getting a message saying;
“Red state
Your Device has failed verification and may not work properly, your device will boot in 5 seconds”
It goes off and then comes back on with the same messages… It’s been like that since yesterday. I didn’t root the device, and its still under the warranty period. What do I do, Admins please help.


How to fix an Infinix Hot 6 X606 stuck in Red State after the latest OTA update

You’ll need to reflash the Infinix X606 firmware (or at least only the partition modified by the update i.e boot.img to save data) to revive this phone . You can do this in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Install Mediatek USB VCOM drivers

Drivers are required for your computer to communicate with the phone via USB cable. The needed files and steps (text and images) are at . You could also follow the video below after downloading the needed files.

Step 2: Download the Infinix Hot 6 firmware / stock rom

Download a firmware that matches your build at . If yours is an X606D then download any of the X606D firmware.

Step 3: Loading the Secure Boot DA file

The Infinix Hot 6 has Secure Boot and requires a DA File for flashing. Download the X606 DA at

You’ll be flashing using SP Flash Tool (download the latest version) so here’s how to load a DA file (after unzipping) in SP Flash tool.

Step 4: Flash the firmware to your phone

Follow the SP flash tool guide (text and images) at or the video below

Other options for flashing

You could also use Software Download tool at , any Mediatek flash tool, box or dongle of your choice.

Was your Infinix Hot 6 affected by the Red State OTA update issue?