Free Hovatek T-Shirts!

Free Hovatek T-Shirts

We are indeed humbled by the support and encouragement we have received from you guys. Some might say we deserve kudos but it is in fact you our wonderful members who deserve it for believing in us. It has been quite a journey for us and you have made it worth our while.

Team Hovatek will be giving away free customized T-shirts just to say Thank you….Yes, Free and Customized! You get to have your Hovatek Forum username printed on your T-Shirt as [email protected] e.g [email protected] , [email protected] etc. We currently have the Black and Orange colors for you to pick from and you also get to pick what size you want so you have a perfect fit. The best part is that its 100% free and will get delivered to your door step at no cost.

Here are some samples:

Hovatek Black Customized T-Shirt

Black T-shirt

Orange Hovatek customized T-shirt

Orange T-shirt

We have begun contacting those who qualify to get free Hovatek T-shirts. If you are currently not on our list but want a free Hovatek T-Shirt then you are in luck. We will be giving away some customized T-Shirts to:

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  • Helpful members at the Hovatek Forum
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If you still don’t get a free customized Hovatek T-Shirt then don’t be sad, we have Hovatek 2-in-1 pens just for you. This is a Pen (for writing) + Stylus (for touch screen devices). You’ll love it!

Hovatek 2-in1 pen + stylus

Keep supporting and referring your friends to the Hovatek website!

Hovatek….just a button away!

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  1. How do I register for the offer ? Or how do I know I am on the list. My username is Baptenda

  2. Woooooooooooooooow!!!
    This is awesome, nice innovation I love it. Hovatek team you guys are the best. I will love to have one if possible

  3. I think having the T shirt is another means of advertising this wonderful blog…I wish to have one if u would give.thanks…black is cool.

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