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What is Hovatek?

We’re a Nigerian-based online / remote Tech. Support platform where device (e.g mobile phones, PCs, tablets, modems etc) users can easily and conveniently get free solutions to their device issues or questions.
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What services do you offer?

We provide:

  • Customer care services to all device users
  • Sales of devices / accessories
  • Repair / maintenance services
  • Device related orientation / training
  • Android development

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What are Hovatek’s official working hours?

Our Working hours are Mondays – Saturdays ; 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT +1:00) . Our working hours might vary on Public Holidays
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Does Hovatek provide any free services?

Yes, we provide free step by step support for all device users at the Hovatek Forum . We also provide free support on our Instant Messaging Service (IMS) platforms but step by step support sessions on these platforms is reserved for Private Support .
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The Hovatek IMS is a feature which enables you chat with a Hovatek representative using your favorite chat messengers. This feature is particularly useful during device related emergencies or support involving live step-by-step assistance. We currently support Skype and Website live chat. More messengers will be added on request.
Please note that step by step / live support via IMS is reserved for Private Support . Step by Step assistance is free for all at the Hovatek Forum
Our Contact details are:

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Where do I download Hovatek’s official mobile app?

You can download Hovatek’s official mobile / PC app @ https://app.hovatek.com .
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Can Hovatek really fix my device without any physical access to it?

Yes, and it works perfectly. This feature is called the Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS). Visit https://lras.hovatek.com to know more about this feature.
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Does Hovatek offer Private Support?

Yes! To know more, visit our Private Support page .
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107 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Please i need help, i was try to install cwm recovery on my infinx zero, phone, using sp flash tool and and my phone got bricked.
    it can not even enter into recovery mode, and the phone is not coming up. please what help is available

  2. Hello sir, thanks for the good job you are doing. Please, my infinix hot note x551 is showing privacy protection password. I need your help on how to solve it. Thank you once more. Aminu Musa

    1. we’ve stopped providing support via whatsapp. IMS is now for Premium members only
      try calling during our working hours

  3. am using itel 1400 tecno phone, am having a problem with the phone anytime i switch on the phone it just tell me the phone memory is full and i have deleted all the application on it, yet still the same, please what should i do

  4. Good day sirs, I’m having issues with my samsung galaxy note 3 ever since I tried to upgrade around may and it was not successful the whole system corrupt has the baseband version is showing unknown, imel null and unable to detect simcard from the phone . The model is sm n900. Pls I will be greatful to see my phone coming back to live as wifi is the only option I have now.

  5. Hi Hovertak,, can you pls grant me a permission to download Itel inote pac file???

    I have Try to download it, time without number,, but the complain is that ,,, sorry I don’t have access to these file pls can you help me out?

  6. Please l need your help l can’t pick calls/incoming calls on my techno L6. Error is ”unfortunately your phone has stopped. I have took it nearby phone repairer but still can’t pick my calls.
    Kindly grant me access and l need your help.

  7. Good day 2u, pls my techno m5 went blank and didn’t boot afterwards. I tried to reset to factory setting but always failing and stops at techno logo, kindly help me on what to do, tnx.

  8. pls i need some one to help me with the
    exact link to download the firmware, my
    hot note x551 is showing privacy
    protection password

  9. plz sir help me
    I mistakenly brick my gionee m2 jelly beans and i take it 4 recovery wen I recover d phone I discover that my camera is’nt working

  10. i try to upgrade my phone and it just starts to hang and would not load ,it is showing error page i don’t know what to do

  11. Hovatek team for me right now is the best technological team when it comes to repositioning ones phone. I want to say a big thank you to the hovatek team for being of a assistance to me, with their guide I have been able to get my Tecno G9 tablet up amd running again with the stock Rom backup I downloaded. My sincere gratitude to the team. I will for sure upgrade my membership to premium membership.

  12. Hello. i have the Itel 1701 tablet. i cant seem to browse on it, even though the phone shows that is is connected to the wifi. Even the mobile data when connected is not browsing. what do i do please?

  13. i was charging my phone in the car surdenly the charger got burn and affect my phone from charging please what can i do

  14. Pls help me out i want to flah my gionee p3 and and it couldn’t conect to d system via USB. Is there any way to fash it ?

  15. Good day every one please i need your assistance my system is 32bits and when ever i download mtk driod tools it comes in form of a rar or zip file type

  16. Good evening sir, thanks for the your concern but i forgot to add that i have tried extracting with win zip and pea zip and even z zip i wil like you to put me on a vedio on how to extract an d the first stage of installation. thank you sir i realy appriciate

  17. Good day Sir ! My name is nasir I need
    the flash file of hotwav mobile phone model fone note5 color of the phone is black the phone just hook and I remove the battery after I put it back I on the phone is only showing me the name of the phone.pls Help me and send it.

  18. Please, i need you to release a tutorial on how to root infinix note 4 through custom recovery. Thanks in advance

  19. pls what do i do? im using a techno m9. my phone cant download more than 4 apps , yet my storage space has 11gb free. i have reset to factory several times .its always requesting i delete apps for more space . i still cant move app to sd card.. pls what do i do?

  20. Hi my phone is digi flip pro xt811 in that sim card is not detecting baseband is unknown plzzz solve my problem how to restore baseband

  21. Hello Hovatek.. Please I’m trying to flash my phone Tecno W3-lte.. TWRP Version:Tecno W3LTE (W3LTE-H356D1-M-170214V60). can you please provide “recovery.bin” and “statter file” I can use?

  22. Hii I have edited the WiFi which found on the inside nvram/nvdata when I tryed to give it permission with the ROM tool box lite it says some system apps don’t give permission. Pls help how to fix the nvram error also the invalid imei on my Tecno canon cx. It happened after I flashed its ROM with so flash tool

  23. I edited my imei with chamelephon also the mtk engendering mode.in chamelephon it doesn’t works and in the mtk eng mode app it doesn’t display the cds information on my Tecno canon CX
    Also pls pls help to edit my Mac address happened err 0x10 nvram after I flashed the stock ROM for my phone with so flash tool

  24. hi everyone i need some help on my tecno camon cx c10 made in Ethiopia. i have flashed my phone a new stock ROM for my device which means Tecno Camon CX MT6750 (CX-H501D1-N-170405V107) with the sp flash tool. after all this i got a problems says invalid IMEI and nvram 0x10 err WHEN I TURNED ON THE WIFI. the i tryed to fix my IMEI with the chamelephon app but it didn’t worked also with the mtk engeeniring mode app, toolhero app i tryed but it doesn’t works or doesn’t display the cds information. i also i tryed to fix my wifi err with the ropm toolbox lite hex editor (with root permission) after i edited my mac when i tryed to give permission for the wifi which found on the nvdata/nvram, it says that some system apps don’t allow to give permission. so please hurry up to help me i am on trouble now.sorry for my English!!!!!!

  25. Hello, I have gionee gn5001s try to update it using miracle box with stock rom MT6735 SCATTER, unfortunately it gone up as I wanted to flash with sp flash it shows me ‘please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded ‘ I need help

  26. Good pm Hovatek. I have been trying to download on your platform only to see an instructions to join. I am a full fledge members but I forgot my password. My email is [email protected] and my number is 08064474837. I have tried all my best but all efforts proved abortive. Kid don’t help me fix it so that I can download

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