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What is Hovatek?

Hovatek is a Nigeria-based firm which provides solutions to device (phones, laptops, tablets etc) related problems and questions.
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What services do you offer?

We provide:

  • Customer care services to all device users
  • Sales of devices / accessories
  • Repair / maintenance services
  • Device related orientation / training
  • Android development

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What are Hovatek’s official working hours?

Our Working hours are Mondays – Saturdays ; 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
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Does Hovatek provide any free services?

Yes, we provide free step by step support for all device users at the Hovatek Forum . We also provide free support on our Instant Messaging Service (IMS) platforms but step by step support sessions on these platforms are reserved for Premium Members only. For Non-Premium Members, IMS serves as a compass / pointer to the required information.
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The Hovatek IMS is a feature which enables you chat with a Hovatek representative using your favorite chat messengers. This feature is particularly useful during device related emergencies or support involving live step-by-step assistance. We currently support BBM, Whatsapp and PC chat. More messengers will be added on request by Premium Members.
Please note that step by step / live support via IMS is reserved for our Premium members only. Non-Premium members will only be given relevant links to information requested and support will not be live / instant. Step by Step assistance is free for all at the Hovatek Forum
Our Contact details are:

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Where do I download Hovatek’s official mobile app?

You can download Hovatek’s official mobile / PC app @ https://app.hovatek.com .
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Can Hovatek really fix my device without any physical access to it?

Yes, and it works perfectly. This feature is called the Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS). Visit https://lras.hovatek.com to know more about this feature.
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What is Premium membership and how do I become a Premium member of Hovatek?

To know more about Premium Membership / become a Premium Member of Hovatek, visit https://premium.hovatek.com  .
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Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:

Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
* Upgrade to Premium Membership for Live Support: https://blog.hovatek.com/premium-membership
* Hovatek's Mobile app: https://app.hovatek.com
* Skype: Hovatek
* BBM: Hovatek
* BBM Channel: http://www.pin.bbm.com/C00403D80
* PC chat: Click "Chat With Us" at the bottom-right corner of this page
* Helpline(s): +2348149906767
* Email: [email protected]
* Facebook: https://facebook.com/hovatek

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    1. we’ve stopped providing support via whatsapp. IMS is now for Premium members only
      try calling during our working hours

  1. Good day sirs, I’m having issues with my samsung galaxy note 3 ever since I tried to upgrade around may and it was not successful the whole system corrupt has the baseband version is showing unknown, imel null and unable to detect simcard from the phone . The model is sm n900. Pls I will be greatful to see my phone coming back to live as wifi is the only option I have now.

  2. plz sir help me
    I mistakenly brick my gionee m2 jelly beans and i take it 4 recovery wen I recover d phone I discover that my camera is’nt working

  3. i try to upgrade my phone and it just starts to hang and would not load ,it is showing error page i don’t know what to do

  4. Good day Sir ! My name is nasir I need
    the flash file of hotwav mobile phone model fone note5 color of the phone is black the phone just hook and I remove the battery after I put it back I on the phone is only showing me the name of the phone.pls Help me and send it.

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