Dual OS Tablets; why you should consider getting one

A Dual OS tablet is one which is capable of running two different Operating Systems. I got to a stage in my work that I realized I needed to combine my Mobile (Android) and PC (Windows) tasks into one device. This would make more sense especially for tasks which required me to use (and move stuff between) both simultaneously. My first approach was using an Android emulator, Genymotion and Windroy did come in handy here. While this approach worked for a while, other issues came up that made it inadequate, I needed a more robust approach.

As at the beginning of last year, I’d developed a growing interest in Dual OS (Android + Windows) tablets. My research brought up names like Voyo, Cube, Teclast, Chuwi, Onda, Vido etc. I’ve since then bought 2 Dual OS Tablets; a Cube i10 and a Teclast Tbook 16 Pro . These tablets -for me- have been an ideal companion for work and play. Sure, there’s still room for improvement but I think you should consider getting one for the following reasons:

Longer battery life

Working on my HP 4530S Notebook PC, I can squeeze out 2 hours of work time (at most) before I have to charge. I’m not fortunate enough to live at a location where there’s a constant power supply so battery time is a very important metric for me. With my Teclast Tbook 16 Pro Dual OS Tablet, I get over 5 hours of work time! My Cube i10 could clock at about 4 hours. What this means is that with each of my tablets, I only need to charge about half as many times as I would have to charge my PC.

More space in your luggage

On days my Wife and I have to spend a couple of days (usually public holidays) at my Parents’, packing is always a big problem. Now, ladies will always over-pack so the only way to keep our luggage light is for me to compensate by under-packing. My Laptop alone weighs and occupies quite much, coupled with its cooling pad which I had to buy because it was overheating due to a faulty cooling fan. Replacing the Laptop with my smaller Dual OS tablet affords me much more space and a lighter luggage without sacrificing my work.

They’re relatively cheap

I was looking to buy a work and play (mostly work) gadget but was left devastated by the prices of my picks. Nigeria is currently in recession, coupled with the hike in the price of the US Dollar (causing the prices of most commodities to more than double) so the Laptops and Minis I had in mind were above my budget. On diverting my search energy to Dual OS tablets, I came across quite a number of attractive deals for techies like me on a low budget, especially Black Friday deals.

Experience Multiple Operating Systems in one gadget

If you mainly work on Windows and Android like me then a Dual OS Android + Windows tablet will give you an awesome experience. Booting into Windows or Android on a Dual OS tablet is as easy as pressing a button combo (while powered off) or clicking a shortcut (once booted up). For workaholics & gameaholics like me, having one tablet (instead of buying 2 gadgets) is actually pocket friendly and you spend less on maintenance.

Easily switch to work or play mode with flexible docking

With tablets, its all about the docking. I’ve come across some really awesome designs that allow you seamlessly switch your mode just by re-positioning the dock. In seconds, your Dual OS tablet can become a mini laptop, a movie screen, a gaming console, an electronic book and what have you.