Custom Hovatek Cufflinks, Hoodies & T-shirts up for grabs!

Last month, we challenged you all to guess the next Hovatek branded item we’ll be giving away. While we did get a number of interesting guesses (and we’ve taken note ahead of future giveaways), nobody guessed right or even came close. Well people, its a pair of custom Hovatek Cufflinks + Box .

custom Hovatek Cufflinks collage

In addition to the custom cufflinks, we’ll also be giving away custom Hovatek Hoodies & T-shirts (V-neck) as we usually do (this doesn’t count if you guessed it as we already revealed we’ll be giving these away).

Hovatek Hoodie & Tshirt

How to win a pair of custom Hovatek Cufflinks, Hoodie or T-shirt

There are two ways you can win

Option 1: Subscribe for our Private Support

We introduced Private Support for those who need instant or special assistance with device issues. We have since received a lot of positive feedback and wish to thank you guys for supporting us with this giveaway:

  • Pay for 2 sessions / hours and get a free Hovatek T-shirt
  • Pay for 3 sessions / hours and get a free pair of custom Hovatek Cufflinks (with a box)
  • Pay for 4 or more sessions / hours and get a free Hovatek Hoodie

Option 2: Tell your friends about Hovatek

Make a short post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram telling your friends about Hovatek then paste the following tags at the bottom of your post (copy so you don’t make a mistake)

   @Hovatek   #ProudlyHovaActive

We’ll be watching these tags closely and pick winners.


For residents of Nigeria, we’ll ship your item to you for free. If you reside outside Nigeria then the receiver pays for shipping.