1. I hi all on the forum, please help me to flash my phone Itel A15 which contains a private code

  2. please I need assistant on twrp scatter file in other for me to root my verykool crypru ll S6005 mtk 6580 phone. have tried almost every rooting app with no result.

  3. i have b310s-927 with the last firmware 21.323.03.00.1065

    i tried to flash with Balong USB Downloader but i always get this message.
    0000: ED 05 FA 53 C0

    now the modem is stuck in emergency mode ( no leds working and one COM port working )
    and if i reset power form router it starts in emergency mode again with no leds and one COM port working

    i tried all usbloader but the same result

    If there is any solution… please help

  4. Please can you give me permission on the site

  5. please help i forgot my privacy protection pin and tried to remove it but failed Please help

  6. pls sir you can help me tecno sa1 da file plss

  7. Please help.. I upgraded my infinix x571 pro from 7point to 8.0 Oreo, but the Oreo upgrade was working abnormal so I downloaded the stock room and flash. Since then my infinix x571 died without booting on..i need help on how to get it back to life…

  8. Pls how do I flash it

  9. I upgraded my note 4 and after the download it bricked it doesn’t even power and it not on USB debug and secondly when it was still working it doesn’t even recognize USB chord

  10. All effort to correct the baseband and imei number has faild. I tried a number of rooting softwares both PC and apk all failed, iroot, vroot, kingroot, Kongo root, etc. I have used latest version of Maui meta, sn writer, read writer all faild to detect my tcl p502u phone. PlsvI need help

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