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  1. Please Hovatek I need Tecno H5 MTK backup cos I just brick some one phone when I put another OS (kit kat) on the phone. Please help me out

  2. Please i bricked my samsung galaxy note2 GTN7100 international you provide
    JTAG services for this device.because everyone else dont seem to have the jig.waiting for a response.

  3. i try using tecno h3 scat file on sp flash tool because of the privacy protection……. now the phone doent on again pls could you direct me on wat to do

  4. i try using tecno h3 scat file on sp flash tool because of the privacy protection……. now the phone doesnt on again pls could you direct me on what to do

  5. Hi, I need help. I have a Chinese fake Samsung S5 under the label’m writing sm g900f and the program Droid tool sm g900h unfortunately I did not do backups by sp Flash tool and the Droid tool made a copy but has passed and damaged probably is, and my problem is that the system worked in this the Chinese s5 but unstable and I wanted to write it to him CWM and later custom rom but I managed and phone caught the brick tz screen does not react but when connected to a PC in the device manager as Mediatek USB Device, previously had mt65xx preloader device now it does not catch and my question is how do unbrick this phone how soft because during each attempt to install the Enable DRAM ERROR phone is like Mediatek mt6598 but the droid shows mt6572 please help in the window flash I click Download nothing happens Connect your phone into uSB (with different configurations keys) will fly red bar and ERROR can still fix this phone ?? 🙁 🙁

  6. Pls am having a big issue with my infinix hot note pro. It’s been over a month I rooted it but recently when I want to surf the Web I’ll receive a pop up msg “Unfortunately Measure has stopped” and “Unfortunately adobe air has stopped”. If my phone go on sleep mode and I reawaken it my back button will not work until a minute or two. I already have unroounroot it but still no solution. I have already joined your forum with the email address above. Thanking you as I anticipate your kind assistance. Thanks

  7. hello. pls i saw an upgrade for my infinix hotnote and i downloaded it. i installed it and up till then my phone is stock on no command. i tried wiping data/factory reset and yet no good results.. pls help me ASAP here is my mail. [email protected]

  8. i tried upgrading my infinix hotnote to lollipop using sp flashtool,the download was completed & it showed me an ok sign.since them my phone did not power on.please help..

  9. Hi, am Samuel from Epe,Lagos state. Please my XTOUCH PF83 screen got broken since last two month and I have tried every thing possible to get it repaired but to no avail. so I hope you guys can help me with the touch pad cos i’ll be really gr8ful….
    Please reply ASAP!!! 

  10. Hello people, some help me out please, I’ve downloaded many roms for Tecno N9 but anytime I try to flash, it says MD5 mismatch… I Googled through for tutorial on how to fix that, but unfortunately, all the N9 Roms I download doesn’t have nandroid.md5 in the cwm backup folder.. Someone help please, its urgent


  12. Pls I Just Flashed My Tecno P9 And After I Switched It On I Discovered that It Didnt Increase Charging And It Is Close To A Month Now Pls I Need A Stock Rom To Flash Again For Tecno P9 4.4.2 ….Pls My Dad Has Been Asking For It .Dis Ma Num To Contact Me 08163439337

  13. My phone is coolpad note 3 and i get stock android in my phone .
    I have a problem i open sp flash tool and i click on download there is no response to see how it . please fix my problem

  14. Hi, I use an Intex Aqua Ace 2 running in Mediatek 6735 , android 5.1. I cannot connect my phone to mediatek tool 2.5.3 using PDA net. Please help me to connect it.

  15. please help me, i was charging my laptop and suddenly it slammed together, and i tried to put it on but it was not displaying it was only making a sound and i’m confused.

  16. Pls i need d stock rom for tecno phone pad 3
    /stock recovery.img/custom recovery.img.
    After using team Hovatek Philz recovery tool to make and then flash custom recovery my phone pad 3 is stocked at boot(showing Tecno . Bootloop

  17. Hi fellows good morning. I have one problem about my techno C8 camon phone.In the first time i had A lollipop OS which its version was 5.0.2 .for mean while i wanted to flash with it with Hios mashmallow 6.0 version.when I tried flashing with it.It keeps displaying this error in the SP flash tool app. The error is is as show below:

    ” ROM[boot] checksum mismatch: checksum_config[0x871],checksum_val[0xaaca] ”

    So please fellows if anyone who have any ideas or solution about this problem please reply as soon as possible thank you..

  18. Hovatek please I was trying to root my Tecno WX3. After unlocking my bootloader, I tried flashing your twrp recovery using bootloader. It flashed alright then I rebooted into recovery using fastboot also. That went through fine, but now since the twrp recovery opened, my Tecno WX3 touch screen has stopped working totally. Whether TWRP or normal boot; the screen doesn’t respond to touch. I tried flashing one of your roms. Now my phone is seriously bricked(as you don’t have my particular version which is – WX3-H8014AC-N-17103V226). It can still respond when plugged to a PC with MTK drivers installed though(with the sound from windows). Help!!!

  19. All effort to correct the baseband and imei number has faild. I tried a number of rooting softwares both PC and apk all failed, iroot, vroot, kingroot, Kongo root, etc. I have used latest version of Maui meta, sn writer, read writer all faild to detect my tcl p502u phone. PlsvI need help

  20. I upgraded my note 4 and after the download it bricked it doesn’t even power and it not on USB debug and secondly when it was still working it doesn’t even recognize USB chord

  21. Please help.. I upgraded my infinix x571 pro from 7point to 8.0 Oreo, but the Oreo upgrade was working abnormal so I downloaded the stock room and flash. Since then my infinix x571 died without booting on..i need help on how to get it back to life…

  22. i have b310s-927 with the last firmware 21.323.03.00.1065

    i tried to flash with Balong USB Downloader but i always get this message.
    0000: ED 05 FA 53 C0

    now the modem is stuck in emergency mode ( no leds working and one COM port working )
    and if i reset power form router it starts in emergency mode again with no leds and one COM port working

    i tried all usbloader but the same result

    If there is any solution… please help

  23. please I need assistant on twrp scatter file in other for me to root my verykool crypru ll S6005 mtk 6580 phone. have tried almost every rooting app with no result.

  24. I hi all on the forum, please help me to flash my phone Itel A15 which contains a private code I hi all on the forum, please help me to flash my phone Itel A15 which contains a private code.

  25. Hello! my is Nnamdi pls help me out with this modem unlocking code.

    One Touch X220S 15 320


  26. Hello! my is Nnamdi pls help me out with this modem unlocking code.

    One Touch X220S 15 320

    i made a mistake on the first imei number, but this one i posted now in correct.

    1. Good evening, I’m Ayodeji… I have an Infinix note 2 LTE which I’ve been trying to root – after following the steps on your site – but each time I try, it keeps saying installation aborted. I know it’s a bit of an old phone, but would like to know if you can still help me with how to root it. Build number is H533B1-M. Thank you. 

  27. pls i need unlock code for airtel mifi
    Software Version: MW40_FN_02.00_03
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359348071055875
    nck code pls thks in advance

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