Team Hovatek project update

We’ve been working on a number of projects and just like we did during the Auto Font Unbricker project, we would like to update you on two projects we think you’ll be very interested in. Component Files Projects You’ll be amazed that a good number of people download entire stock roms (Gigabytes in size) for the sake Read more…

Hovatek down time

Since the 4th. of this month, our website has been experiencing intermittent down times. While refreshing tends to clear this short-lived connectivity problem, we acknowledge that it is not exactly great for user experience. The problem is that our host – A2hosting – has been experiencing a network-wide Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack over the last Read more…

Hovatek changed phone number

Over a week ago, we brought to your notice the downtime problem with our customer care support line and had since contacted the MTN Business Enterprise support on the matter. Two weeks down the line, there’s been no response from them. At the moment, they are totally unreachable. As we can’t continue this way, we are seriously considering ditching Read more…

Cannot reach Hovatek phone line

In the last quarter of 2016, we informed you guys about some changes we’d made on Hovatek . One of which was migrating to a Hosted PBX solution for our phone lines. We’ve received some emails from people having problems reaching us on phone for some days now. We wish to inform you that we’re now aware of Read more…

Hovatek T-shirt Week 1 winner

The giveaway has begun. I want to believe you know your Hovatek T-shirt size by now. Just incase you don’t know yours, we’d put together a quick guide on knowing your Hovatek T-shirt size so find out yours because one of these could be yours. As customary, the first Hovatek T-shirt goes to a member, fan or follower who Read more…

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