Android IMG Unsign Tool v1.0 by Team Hovatek

Those of you whose firmware contain signed images (e.g boot-sign.img, recovery-sign.img, system-sign.img, vendor-sign.img etc) might have encountered errors while trying to unpack or port a custom recovery using our auto TWRP or Philz recovery porters.

For such users, we’d dropped a guide on using FBWin tools to unsign such images. While FBWin is a great tool (kudos to Vin2809 ), it currently doesn’t support new types of signed images we’ve begun to encounter. For such images, you would get E: File* is not FB yet the image is signed.

For this reason, Team Hovatek has created the Android IMG unsign tool which supports more signed image types. The tool is still in Beta so we welcome feedback. Want to give it a spin? Head over to the Android IMG Unsign Tool official thread at the Hovatek Forum.

See the tool in action: