4 tasks you can perform on MTK devices without a box or dongle

From Section 6 of our MTK software engineering course, we began discussing various tasks you can carry out on Mediatek smartphones using Chinese boxes / dongles. Not everyone can afford to buy a hardware box just to fix an issue or two. We therefore always try to cater to such people by dropping free alternatives.

Boxes & dongles are important… don’t get me wrong

These are the days of boxes and dongles! They make your job very easy, let alone their support for many chipsets and tasks. Any serious phone repair outfit needs to have an arsenal of boxes…I’m not talking loaders or cracks.

The thing is these hardware can cost anywhere from $60 to over $300. It therefore makes no sense buying one for personal use or one issue. The good news is there are free alternatives for four very important tasks you often perform on Mediatek smartphones.

1. Flashing

While boxes support even the most recent MTK chips and could be a life saver sometimes, SP Flash tool is a very solid free alternative. The tool is frequently updated (though there’s no official support).

I’ve seen people wrongly brush aside SP Flash tool for Secure Boot devices because boxes & dongles come with DA files. Guess what! We have a Mediatek secure boot DA file collection and a good number work in SP Flash tool.

2. Backing up

Dongles & Boxes make backing up super easy both in scatter and .bin format; I prefer scatter backups. Wwr_MTK is a free alternative for doing a full scatter backup. The tool supports even the most recent MTK chipsets.

3. Writing / Fixing IMEI

Provided you have a valid Baseband, writing IMEI to an MTK device (with a box) is like a walk in the park. A free alternative is Maui Meta. All you need is the phone’s BPLGUInfo or MDDB file which can be obtained from the stock rom or extracted from the system partition.

Maui Meta supports recent Android versions.

4. Bypassing Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

FRP and DA files get mentioned in the same sentence a lot these days. FRP is that request for you to enter a Gmail address and password after you do a factory reset.

In an attempt to avoid hardware boxes / dongles, some people go flashing frp.bin to bypass FRP, bricking their phones in the process.

A smarter approach is to format ONLY the frp partition using SP Flash tool.


While boxes & dongles are a must-have in our line of business, there are free alternatives you can employ till you can afford to buy the box or dongle of your choice.

What other things have you been able to do without having to use a box or dongle?