Team Hovatek has launched the Keslar Custom ROM for Tecno P5 after successfully launching the Tecno M3 version of the Custom ROM. The Keslar Custom ROMs for Tecno M3 and P5 are the initial stages of Hovatek’s Keslar Infinito project so all feedback gathered from these ROMs users will come in handy on the Keslar Infinito project. Read more…

In ourĀ previous announcement on important changes we’ve made on our platforms, we introduced the Hovatek Journal. Hovatek mobile v3.3 has been released to ensure you also get the latest updates from the Hovatek Journal. Since we’ve moved future tutorials and downloads to the Hovatek Forum, The tutorials and downloads sections have been removed from the app. You Read more…

We were able to briefly get access to a Tecno Phantom 6. Between then and now, we’ve shared the unboxing of the Tecno Phantom 6 (A6), how to root the Tecno Phantom 6, how to install Xposed on the Tecno Phantom 6 and a Secro & NVRAM backup for the Tecno Phantom 6. We decided to work Read more…

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